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Just to be clear, I don't live in my in-laws' basement, drive an old car or work in a fish restaurant. I just happen to be an actor and a musician that got a lucky break starring in a series of very popular commercials.

So, who am I outside of those commercials? Well, for one, I'm single, French Canadian and I live near Montreal. I received my actor training from the National Theater School of Canada and I work in commercials and films up here in Canada. I live alone and I spend much of my "off-time" with my family, friends or writing and playing music. I play both the guitar and piano and have my own band that you can check out here. Many people who watch the commercials may be surprised to know that my favorite composer is Beethoven and I also love Rachmaninov; their intensity reminds me that I have a soul. But for the record I like many types of music and I continue to explore different genres.

I love going to the movies and art museums. I work out and try to stay healthy both spiritually and physically. I'm also a licensed mesotherapist in Shiatsu. Although I'm prettty busy these days, I'm happy to try to answer any questions you guys may have. I look forward to hearing from you all!


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